Brawlers & Skins

How to get Brawlers

To get more Brawlers, all you need to do is play the game! They are obtainable from pretty much everywhere, so with patience and a bit of luck, it's a matter of time until you add a new one to your collection.

Unlocking all the Brawlers is a combination of luck and a bit of patience. This is by design, and is how we make progress fairer for everyone.

Here's where you can find them:

  • Boxes
    Gathering those Tokens is no easy task. This is why every box you open has a chance of containing a new Brawler.
  • Shop
    If you can't wait to get a new Brawler from boxes, you can buy one from the Shop using Gems. There are awesome Daily Deals to choose from, ensuring you get a discount on your favorite Brawler.
  • Trophy Road
    Whether you have 100 or 3000 trophies, we appreciate you giving it all to rise through the ranks! For that reason, in addition to other awesome rewards, there are 10 amazing Brawlers available in the Trophy Road.
  • Brawl Pass
    Each Brawl Pass season will guarantee one Chromatic Brawler in the Brawl Pass track. You can unlock this Brawler immediately once you reach the tier!

Once you reach the required amount of trophies, you get to keep them forever!

  • 10 Trophies: Nita
  • 60 Trophies: Colt
  • 250 Trophies: Bull
  • 500 Trophies: Jessie
  • 1000 Trophies: Brock
  • 2000 Trophies: Dynamike
  • 3000 Trophies: Bo
  • 4000 Trophies: Tick
  • 6000 Trophies: 8-Bit
  • 8000 Trophies: Emz
Codes and Brawler Requests

Using "secret codes" to get Brawlers or similarly asking through Player Support will not work. Similarly, it won't improve your chances of unlocking Brawlers from boxes. The only ways to get brawlers are those mentioned above.

I haven't opened a Legendary Brawler in ages!

Legendary Brawlers are not stronger than the rest of the rarities!

If you have not opened a Legendary Brawler, though, it might be a blessing in disguise. The road to master includes your current Brawlers, and as you practice with them, you will be able to open more boxes and eventually find your way to a Legendary Brawler. Patience is a virtue!

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