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Battle in style with different and unique Brawler Skins! Skins allow you to change the look of your favorite Brawler! Skins can include unique changes that range from custom visual effects, unique animations, new sounds, and model tweaks.

Please note, Skins are purely aesthetic and don't increase the Brawler's abilities or impact any part of the Battle, except for looking cool and giving you added style points!

How can I get more Brawler Skins?

There are many awesome Skins to choose from, some rarer than others, but most skins (that aren’t archived) will cycle and with a bit of patience you can get your hands on your favorite one!

Here's where you can find them:


There are always Skins in the Shop! You can buy them with Gems or Star Points, but also keep an eye out for Special Offers, as you never know when your favorite Skin will appear! In addition to that, you may occasionally see super Special Offers that include a Brawler plus Skin at a reduced cost!

Seasonal Skins

Seasonal Skins are only available during certain Events (e.g. Lunar Brawl, Happy Brawlidays, Brawl-o-ween, etc.). Once those Events are over, the Skins will no longer be available until the same time the following year!

Supercell ID

Log in with a Supercell ID to Brawl Stars and get the exclusive Wizard Barley Skin! Not only do you safeguard your game, but you also get a free Skin!

Brawl Pass

Each Brawl Pass Season, the Brawl Pass contains one exclusive Brawler Skin on its reward track! You can claim the Skin by unlocking Brawl Pass and reaching the required tier.

Power League

Each Power League Season allows you to unlock exclusive Brawler Skin Purchase options. Once the condition has been reached, it will enable a previously unpurchasable skin to be purchased with Star Points! The purchase option is permanent and will be added to the Star Points Shop rotation.

How to preview Skins?

Before acquiring a Skin, you can take it for a spin! Feel free to tap the blue "TRY" button, which will take you to the Training Cave.

From there, you can try that Skin out and see how it looks and sounds before committing to buy it.

Once you have added a Skin to your collection, you can tap on the light-blue arrow on an unlocked Brawler of yours to view the Skin.

If you press the "Select" button, that Brawler, along with its Skin, becomes your default Brawler for Battle!

What are Archived Skins?

If the Skins you own are about to be archived, don't worry they’re yours forever, and will still be available to use in Battles.

When a Skin is archived, they are removed from the non-purchased Skins pool that rotates daily in the Shop. However, archived Skins can reappear occasionally with Special Offers and limited seasonal promotions.

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