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Transferring International Accounts to China Servers

Can I transfer my game account I downloaded outside of China?

Unfortunately, no. Transferring your account data from the international version of Brawl Stars to one of the official Chinese Brawl Stars versions is not possible. In order to maintain compliance with the Chinese government's regulations, we have developed a separate version of Brawl Stars specifically for China. Top reasons to download the Chinese version include access to Chinese servers, providing you with the best possible latencies during battles. It also offers the only way to purchase in-game content.

Playing the Chinese version will also enable you to easily link up and play with your friends using popular Chinese social networks! As the Chinese Brawl Stars game servers are separate from the international servers, account data cannot be shared across regions- adding to the difficulties in transferring accounts across regions.

Can I keep playing on my international game account?

You can still play Brawl Stars and your account data will stay intact, but keep in mind, your latency in battles might be much worse if you choose to do this. Furthermore, updating Brawl Stars will be less straightforward than it would be compared to the China version.

You will also not be able to play with your friends in China, as cross-play between the two versions of Brawl Stars is not possible.

To enjoy the best overall Brawl Stars experience in China, we recommend you to download Brawl Stars from an official Chinese app store. It is important to also note that any differences between the Chinese and international versions of Brawl Stars do not change the gameplay experience.

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