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Managing your Gold Passes

You can hold up to 8 unactivated Gold Passes in your Supercell ID. After this, you need to donate or activate Gold Passes to buy more or receive more through donations.

You can see your current inventory of Gold Passes inside the game:

  1. Open the Village attached to your Supercell ID
  2. Tap on “Settings”
  3. Tap on “Connected” in the Supercell ID banner
  4. Tap on “My Games”
  5. Tap on “Clash of Clans”

In this view, you can:

  • See how many Gold Passes you have currently
  • Activate a Gold Pass
  • Donate Gold Passes to your Supercell ID Friends (maximum 2 donations per Season)
Issues with a purchased Gold Pass?

Please find the receipt for your purchase and contact Support.

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