Clan Games

Clan Games: Frequently Asked Questions

Progress on my Challenge didn't save!

Sometimes it takes a while for the game to register that you've started a Challenge. Allowing some time between starting the Challenge and jumping into an attack usually ensures progress is saved.

You could try the following:

  • Start the challenge
  • Wait a few seconds, or for example travel between the villages
  • Do your attack

Please read the description of the Challenge carefully to ensure you are doing the right thing to complete it!

I can't choose a new challenge!

If it seems impossible to start a new challenge, please check the following:

  1. Did you change Clans after starting a Challenge? You can only play Clan Games in one Clan. Return to the Clan where you started playing Clan Games.
  2. Try leaving and joining your Clan again. Remember to inform the Clan about this if you are in a closed Clan, so that they can let you in again.
How do I choose the extra reward?

To collect the extra reward in Clan Games, you must:

  • Fill your Score to maximum
  • Select a single reward from each tier and collect them
  • Select one more reward from any reward Tier as an extra reward
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