Season Challenges

Season Bank

Every time you raid a village, the same amount as what you looted appears in the Season Bank. At the end of the season, you get the resources in the Season Bank for yourself.

With Gold Pass you can upgrade its capacity to the maximum of 25 Million Gold and Elixir, and 250k Dark Elixir.

Without Gold Pass, Season Bank is limited to 5 Million Gold, 5 Million Elixir and 50k Dark Elixir.

How to fill up your Season Bank:

  • Multiplayer attacks
  • Single Player levels
  • Practice Levels
  • Challenge levels
  • Clan War attacks (not including war win bonus)
  • Clan War League attacks (not including war win bonus)
Troubleshooting Season Bank
  • Buying the Gold Pass does not fill the Season Bank. You fill the Season Bank by attacking and looting other players.
  • Remember to claim unlocked Season Bank levels. This ensures that your loot is saved in the Season Bank.
  • If your storages are full of resources, no loot will be saved in the Season Bank. Only loot that fits into your storages is saved in the Season Bank.
  • Even if you can't fit the Season Bank's contents into your storages, you still receive them in full.
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