Season Challenges

Season Challenges Rewards

Playing Season Challenges gives you more rewards the more you play. All players can unlock and collect rewards on the Silver track. Purchase the Gold Pass to unlock Gold Pass exclusive rewards. Below you can read more about the Gold Pass exclusive rewards.

Note: you can only buy a Gold Pass at Town Hall 7 and above.

Season Bank

Every time you raid a village, the same amount as what you looted appears in the Season Bank. At the end of the season, you get the resources you looted into the Season Bank for yourself. With Gold Pass you can upgrade its capacity to the maximum of 25 Million Gold and Elixir, and 250.000 Dark Elixir.

Sources of loot for the Season Bank:

  • Multiplayer attacks
  • Single Player levels
  • Practice Levels
  • Challenge levels
  • Clan War attacks (not including war win bonus)
  • Clan War League attacks (not including war win bonus)
Notes about the Season Bank
  • If your storages are full or overflowing with resources, resources gained from attacks will not be saved in the Season Bank. Only resources that fit into your storages are saved in the Season Bank.
  • The Season Bank doesn't track resources collected after it was filled to maximum. Unlock and claim Season Bank levels before maxing out the bank to ensure all your loot is counted.
  • Resources gained through the Season Bank overflow your storages. This means that even if you can't fit the Season Bank's resources in your storages, you still receive them in full.
    will save resources gained from attacks

Builder Boost

  • Reduces the costs and time needed for upgrading buildings as well as building new ones.
  • Hero Upgrades cost less and take less time to finish.
  • The Builder Potion can be used to further boost any construction on top of the boost from the Perk.
  • Reduces the costs of Walls.

Research Boost

  • Reduces the costs and time needed to complete troop and spell upgrades in the Laboratory.

Training Boost

  • Reduces the costs and time needed to train Armies and decreases the time Heroes need to regenerate their health.

NOTE: Maintenance breaks do not interrupt or stop the boosts in any way.

1-Gem Donations

This perk allows you to donate troops to your Clanmates at the cost of 1 Gem per troop.

I forgot to collect all rewards before the season ended!

Don't worry. All unlocked but unclaimed rewards, including the Hero Skin, were collected for you. In the case that you couldn't fit a reward, you were given some Gems instead. Below are some rules about the conversion to Gems:

Resources: All resources that fit are collected and saved in your storages. For resources that do not fit, you receive a maximum of 5 Gems, based on what proportion of the resources were taken. For example, if you could fit 20% of the resources, you will receive 4 gems (80% of 5).

Magic Items: For Magic Items that do not fit in your Town Hall, you receive their selling price in Gems. Note: this is not the Trader price of the item, but the price if you sold the item yourself.

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