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Why have my gems/resources disappeared?

Some of my resources have disappeared

We’ve all been in the situation where resources seem scarcer than they ought to be, but please keep in mind that resources never disappear by themselves, and the game never makes purchases on the player’s behalf.

Resources are always used to perform an action in the game like upgrading and creating buildings or units, so that’s the first and best place to look for an explanation. Is something cooking in your Spell Factory, or perhaps a building is being upgraded? Or has a block of wall or two been bumped up to a higher level?

If you can’t find any clues in your village, check your defense log to see if some resources have recently been stolen from you.

Some of my gems have disappeared

If you’ve opened your village to find that gems have gone missing, it’s because they’ve somehow been spent. Usually, it’s just because another person has used the gems (like a friend or family member). This is also likely if you’ve loaded your village onto someone else’s device, and didn’t sign off. They could be playing the account without you being aware of it.

The game cannot use gems on its own; purchases must be requested by the user. Accidental purchases are a possibility, though we’ve added a series of intuitive confirmation steps to prevent this.

To prevent these instances from happening in the future, please remember to lock your screen after playing. As well, if you’ve loaded your village onto someone else’s device, remember to log out when you’re done.

All the gems from my order has been removed

As a rule, in-app purchases are non-refundable, and certain conditions apply to any exceptions that we make. Supercell wants to keep the playing field fair and just, and therefore reserves the right to revoke access to any refunded content. This means that if the money used for an order of 1,200 gems is refunded, we may remove that amount of gems from your account. This can result in a negative gem or diamond balance in your game if any of these resources have been spent prior to the refund. A positive balance can be restored by collecting resources in-game or making additional currency orders.

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