Compete with players around the world for the top one position in the League!

In the League, you will play a 7-day Battle Seasons with 29 other players. After each Season, you can move to higher or lower League Tiers based on your success during the Season.

Every day, you will battle your way through an endless Game Mode, by trying to beat multiple stages in a row! For every stage you beat, you get to choose additional units or spells added to your army in a Draft. As soon as you run out of units, your challenge will be finished.

League Season Score

You can see your League Season Score next to the "Attack" button on your screen. The number on the left is how many stages you’ve passed so far, while the number on the right is the number of buildings you’ve destroyed on the last stage.

The total number of stages you have passed during the season determines your position on the leaderboard. If two players have beaten the same amount of stages, the number of buildings destroyed serves as a tie-breaker.

Don’t forget to check your daily high score, which is shown above your Squad! After every day, the daily high score gets added to your League Season Score.

League Leaderboard

Next to the “Attack” button is the League Leaderboard!

Find out your League Position, and compare your Season Score with the rest of the participants.

After the Season ends, the five highest-ranked players in the Leaderboard will rise to one Tier higher, and the ten lowest will drop down to one Tier lower. The rest 15 players will stay in the same tier for the next Season!

League Squad

Your League Squad is selected at random for each day and uses your current levels & Troop Items. Please note that this pre-selected Squad and the Endless challenge for the day are the same for all players in your League Group.

The three units that are shown after the "+" sign are the reserve units that will be shown as one of the possible options in drafting.

There is a chance that you would get to use a unit you haven't yet unlocked. In this case, the Power level will be set to 1.

Attack & League Tokens

The “Attack” button will initiate the Battle, so do your best to clear as many stages as possible!

You have one free try per day, and after that, you can use League Tokens to try to aim for a better score.

Leagues & Rewards

Currently, there are 5 Leagues:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Legendary

The higher your League, the better your rewards will be!

After every attack, you will get rewards based on how well you performed, and at the end of the League Season, you will receive the League Chest! In addition to other rewards, League Chest also contains three League Tokens to be used during your next Seasons. You can store a maximum of 10 League Tokens in total.

Keep in mind that you will have to claim the League Chest before proceeding to the next Season.

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