The Basics


Here you can open the Map, track your Clash adventure, and choose your next challenge!

Access the multiple Regions to explore all the different themes, and challenge yourself by completing quests on all the Islands.


Acquire new Troops, Spells, and Tactics with every new Region you unlock!

Each Region has a path of Islands with a variety of quests. Complete them all to get a chance at defeating the Boss.

A new Region can be unlocked only after the final Boss is defeated.


Islands are filled with treasures and Chests waiting for you to loot them!

Complete as many quests as you can to earn rewards, and complete the Region for a chance to fight the final Boss.


For every stage you complete, you will be awarded a Chest!

In addition to that, at the end of the Battle, you will receive Coins, Elixir, and there’s also a chance to get awesome Troop Items, Quest Tokens, or an additional unit for your Troops.

Collecting all Chests from an Island unlocks a Star Chest that includes even more rewards!


As you progress through the Map, you might notice Shipwrecks here and there, which you can explore for instant rewards! You have to spend Quest Energy or Tokens.

Shipwrecks yield less loot than playing levels normally.


Dungeons are spawned on the Map by finding a compass, which can be obtained either randomly by playing levels or from the Shop.

Dungeons have 20 stages of automatically balanced difficulty. They save your progress between attempts, and give you extra rewards on the last stage!

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