The Basics


Find all your Squad’s info, Troops, Spells, and Tactics in the Squad Tab. From there, you can also upgrade and manage your Troop Items.


Troops are the main units of your attacks, which have special and unique abilities! For example, a Barbarian will strike any enemy in his path, including walls, while an Archer can shoot the enemy over the walls.

Every Troop has a certain amount of units available, which you can see on the top right-hand corner of a selected Troop. The number on the left indicates the amount you own, and the one on the right indicates how many you can have in total.

Last but not least, every Troop has 3 available Troop Items! If you have unlocked a Troop Item, tap on it to see its abilities and requirements.

If you want to find out more about your Troops, tap on the “i” icon!


Spells can be used without spending a turn! Just like Troops, there is a limited amount of units per Spell you can own.

Tap on a Spell to see its attack and special ability!


Tactics are stored in Books and can turn the tides of a Battle!

Similar to Spells, Tactics can be used without spending a turn, and give you the option to plan your attack in advance with special abilities, such as swapping the position of Troops!

Tap on a Book to see the Tactic it contains!

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