Donating & Requesting cards


Clan members can request Common or Rare cards once every 7 hours, with Epics available on Sunday.

The amount of cards received depends on the Arena level and card rarity: you cannot receive entirely new cards by request. It’s necessary to first unlock them from Chests/Challenges.

Donating Cards

Donating cards to Clanmates helps your friends, and rewards you.

You will receive Gold and XP after donating cards to Clanmates:

  • 1 XP and 5 Gold for each Common card
  • 10 XP and 50 Gold for each Rare card
  • 10 XP and 500 Gold for an Epic card

Donating maxed-out cards is FREE, and will only give XP in return. If you are level 13, you will receive Star Points instead.


Like the Request Limit, the Donation Limit helps prevent players from having access to infinite Gold. Without the Donation Limit, players could jump Clans to gain coins, inflating their coffers unnaturally. This diverts focus from Royale’s key gameplay component: attacking for rewards.

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