Recover Your Account

I Lost My Game Progress!

We recommend making sure that your game is saved to Supercell ID in order to prevent losing your account.

For more information on how to save your progress with Supercell ID, please read this post.

Please note that loading multiple accounts on a single device without using Supercell ID may lead to lost accounts!

I connected to Supercell ID but I cannot find my account!

If you are not sure with which email you connected to Supercell ID:

  • Search your email accounts for any messages mentioning Supercell ID. This is how you can figure out which email you used to sign up.
  • Once you know with which email you signed up, go to your in-game Settings, tap on "CONNECT" and login.

If you lost access to the email address connected to Supercell ID, see below.

I still can't find my account!

First, log in to any game account you have on your device.

Then, go to your in-game Settings and find the button that says "Contact Us." Describe why you are contacting us. Please make sure to include the following information, as it would help us track down your account much faster.

  1. Exact Username and Clan Name of your lost account (or player tag if possible)
  2. Exact King level of your lost account
  3. Explain how you lost the account

For security reasons, we may need to reply with additional questions, and we may not recover your account more than once.

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