Pass Royale

About Pass Royale

Pass Royale grants you extra rewards as you progress through the Season. When you activate Pass Royale, you instantly unlock exclusive perks, like unlimited retries in Special Challenges, the ability to queue Chests, and even a golden username!

Pass Royale is only available through in-app purchases. It expires at the end of each Season, so, secure enough time to complete them before purchasing.

Pass Royale Rewards

In addition to the free track rewards, Pass Royale gives you:

  • Magic Items
  • Exclusive Emotes
  • Tower Skins
  • An additional Legendary Wild Card per Season (Arena 6 or higher)

If you don't feel like battling to get to the next tier, you can instantly unlock it with Gems. The collected Crowns will remain.

Pass Royale and its perks are only active for the ongoing Season. The exclusive items, like Tower Skins and Emotes, are yours to keep.

Below King Level 4, crowns do not accrue in the Pass Track. Once you hit King Level 4, the free and paid Pass Track will unlock!

Pass Royale Perks

Enjoy these perks when activating your Pass Royale!

  • Queue up the next Chest to unlock by selecting it and tapping “Queue Chest”.
  • Tons of Wild Cards to get those missing copies you need!
  • A golden name!
  • Unlimited re-entries for Special Challenges
Bonus Bank

After unlocking all Reward Tiers, bank 250 Gold for every 10 crowns collected.

The Bonus Bank can hold a maximum of 25.000 Gold, and the saved Gold can be claimed when the Season ends.

Clan Gift

When a Clan member purchases Pass Royale, a bundle of Gold is sent to the Clan chat for the members to collect.

Please note:

  • You cannot claim gifts that were sent before you have joined the Clan.
  • Each member can collect up to 10 gifts per Season, which carry over in case you move Clan.
  • The King level of players that bought Pass Royale affects the amount of Gold you claim from the gift. 850 Gold is the maximum.