Champion Update - What you should know


Where can I unlock Champions

When you reach King Level 14, you will instantly unlock Champions. Even better, once you reach King Level 14, you are guaranteed to find a Champion in the King Level 14 Level Up Chest.

You can also find Champions elsewhere in the game:

  • Champions will appear in the chest cycle, similarly to how Legendaries appear now.

  • Champions will sometimes appear in limited time Shop Offers.

  • Level 14 players are guaranteed to find a Champion in the Legendary King's Chest.

  • Level 14 players are also guaranteed to find a Champion in the Royal Wild Chest.

Where can I play with Champions

Players who have reached King Level 14 can play with Champions wherever they are available.

Players who have not yet reached King Level 14 can also play with Champions, but not in Game modes that use the player's Card Collection (e.g. on Ladder)

Level 14

What do I get when I reach Level 14

The most obvious thing you will get is Champions! Your King and Princess Towers will also get higher Hitpoints and Health points.

Why did you add Level 14

We want to add more progression to the game. After more than 5 years, 103 cards, and trillions of battles, the time has come to add a new Level. However, we are not just adding a level; we're also bringing new Gameplay to the game with Champions!

It takes too long to get Level 14

It can feel like "getting to the end" is a lot further away, but the fact is that we have significantly sped up progression to get to those higher levels. You now need less XP to level up at the higher King Levels. We also added more Gold and new Chests! To add, we also significantly reduced upgrade costs for Level 11-13!

For instance, you only need 6 more Legendary Cards to get to Card Level 14, in comparison to, Cards required to get to Card Level 13 before this update.

We want to make the journey to Level 14 great and a lot faster!

If you want to learn more about this, check out our blog post on the update HERE! You can also go straight to our TV Royale update special HERE!

Star Points

What changes did you make to Star Points and Star Levels?

After the update, you can start spending Star Points already when you reach King Level 6.

The Star Level available to you depends on the Card Level of the card:

  • Star Level 1 is available from Card Level 7
  • Star Level 2 is available from Card Level 10
  • Star level 3 is available from Card Level 13

We also reduced the amount of Star Points needed to upgrade the first two Star Levels!

Tournament Cap

How does the new Card Level caps work?

We want the Card Caps to align with Champions, which unlock at Card Level 11. This means that the Tournament Cap (Cards capped at Level 9) is no more!

This change affects Global Tournaments, and Grand/Classic Challenges the most

  • Card levels are capped at 11, even if the Cards in your Collection are lower levelled
  • All Cards will be available to all players. In other words, even if you don't own a Card, you can play with it.

This change also affects Special Challenges

  • Same as above, all Cards are capped at Level 11
  • The Cards available in the Challenge is dependent on the Challenge.

Naturally, this means that any Friendly Battles you play are also capped at 11

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