Everdale is in soft launch!

Set in a lush utopia, Everdale is a society-building game based on cooperation and friendship. Direct villagers, allocate resources, and craft items to level up. And then, when you’ve succeeded at building the perfect village, join other players in a Valley -- an idyllic hub of trade and activity!

You, along with nine other players form a Valley. There, you can take on special challenges, share production areas, and craft food and goods. Visit the harbor to trade with merchant ships from far-off lands! Pick a ship captain and frequent them for better rewards! Or don’t.

Everdale is a land rich with magic and surprises. You never know who… or what will show up next.

Is Everdale the same game as Valleys & Villages?

For all intents and purposes, it’s the same as Valleys & Villages. We released the game under the name Osmium for early Alpha testing. Doing so helped us gather feedback and data, in preparation for the smoothest beta launch possible.

Where can I play Everdale?

Since we’re currently in soft launch, Everdale is available on iOS and Android devices in the following regions:

- Canada
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Hong Kong
- Singapore
- Switzerland
- Malaysia
- Philippines
- United Kingdom
- Finland
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Norway
- Iceland

Please note: the game is currently only in English!

Everdale will roll out to new countries and regions in the future. In the meantime, visit our website to be notified when it’s available where you live!

Send us Feedback!

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Check-in on our social media channels to help us improve Everdale and to stay updated on all the latest news!

See you all in the Valley, Explorer!

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