The Basics

The Study

The Study is where you can unlock new Research Projects for your village, such as:

  • Buildings
  • Level-ups
  • Materials
  • Recipes

Assign a villager to whatever Research Project you’d like to unlock.

To upgrade your Study level, you must gain Village XP. Then you can unlock more Research Projects!

Research takes time, but you can speed it up using Scrolls. Each Scroll speeds up research by 1 minute.

When finished, you will be able to apply the new Research Project to your village. This can be, for example, a new building, or an upgrade for an existing one.

Good to Know

No buildings to upgrade

If there are no buildings for you to upgrade, chances are you have to complete a Research Project in the Study!

Research is locked

Locked Research means you need to increase your Village XP! Make sure to construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones in the village. If you have no available actions, upgrading your Study will do the trick.

More Villagers

Find more villagers by building new homes. Get new homes by researching them in the Study!

Researching while upgrading the Study

Research is not available while upgrading the Study.

Cancel/Switch Research

While you cannot undo any research you started, you can switch to a different Research Project without any penalty. Progress on your current Research Project will be saved.

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