Missing Purchase

I can't buy offers!

I don't have the same offers as everyone else!

If you suspect that the Shop has offers, but you can't see them, you can first check the in-game Settings.

  • Open Settings
  • Ensure that 'Personal Offers' is enabled

Quite often, we show certain offers based on a player's progression level in the game. We do this to ensure that the offers visible are relevant to you. To do this, we need your consent through the 'Personal Offers' selection. This means that different players could be getting different offers, and some offers might not become available for you at all.

For more information on our personal offers, please read this.


In some of our games, offers become unavailable if your Gem count is in negative. Once your Gem balance is 0 or more, offers will start showing for you again.

I can't see the shop at all, or make an order!

Purchase problems occur for a few different reasons, their fixes depending on device type.


Because Apple processes payments made toward the game, it’s important to have your device settings properly configured before making a purchase.

If you’ve made an order that has been processing for 24 hours or more, please contact Apple Support here.


If you are trying to make a purchase with your Google account, it’s possible for you to experience the issues mentioned above. In order to resolve these, please follow the link to Google Play Support.

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